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Creating Your Freelance Brand - ep#116 Creating Your Freelance Brand - ep#116

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this podcast is a godsend

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rubberonion responds:

glad you like it, thanks for the comment! you can check out more on my website rubberonion.com! (=

Howard's Request Howard's Request

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Hey man I was so busy with stuff I forgot to comment on this! Thanks so much for the fresh bars! You have definitely improved since the last one and I love how you approached the flow. Hopefully I will find some more time to finish the beat and make some more beats. Thanks again!

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Acoustatic responds:

It's all good man, just happy that you ended up seeing it! I've definitely been taking rapping and producing a lot more seriously since the last track, and i'm looking forward to the next lil colab whenever you have time to put together some more fresh ass beats. Looking forward to some even bigger, even better sounds as time goes on.

I Am A God Damned Bandit I Am A God Damned Bandit

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nice vibe dude

Acoustatic responds:

Thanks, homie!

Ingrid Ingrid

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Dude, I love this

keepwalking responds:

thanks man,
How is everything going?
we didnt speak in a long time but our animation is still there

Summer Love Summer Love

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Hey man, you're making some great beats here, respect. Would it be possible to feature a few of your tracks in the background of some new videos for my small YouTube channel? I would fully credit you and link to your music. Thanks bro

ThaKidd responds:

yup yup, rock on

Rest Freestyle Pt. 1 Rest Freestyle Pt. 1

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These rhymes are killer! You're really good at freestyling. Makes me wonder what you would be like rehearsed. This sound reminds me of the Seattle rapper SOL who I greatly admire. Great job!
I've got a few more beats in the works which you are welcome to use as backing tracks when they are ready,

Acoustatic responds:

Thanks man! I'm thinking of writing down some lengthier verses, and I have a rehearsed rap already recorded that I think is pretty great. Thanks for the comparison to the incredible SOL, i love his stuff too! I'll be checking your page for some more great music, keep pumping out those great sounds and i'll keep pumping out the lyrics haha

Kai Skrotzki Animation Demo Kai Skrotzki Animation Demo

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Awesome work as always! =D

KirbzVA responds:

Thanks man, got this bad boy professionally recorded! ^^

Royce (Trap) Royce (Trap)

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More trap like this! Pleasepleasepleaseplease

GrantBowtie responds:


The Light In The Darkness The Light In The Darkness

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very atmospheric and moving. Nice job

AshleyAlyse responds:

Thank you kindly! :)

Rockers!! Rockers!!

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omg its perfect

thanks man

Solrac responds: