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Haters in a nutshell! You nailed it haha

Hey dude I'm a big fan of your work! You are an influence on my animations. Looking forward to watching this when it comes out.
The colors and composition especially look great in this and I can see that you are really expanding and pushing your work further than the animations before it. It is exciting to see!

mohdfikree responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I remember someone shared me one of your videos. I believed I even commented on it. The new channel is AM AY AF Studio for MohdFikree is no longer involved in animation, only in cinematography and videography. Regarding Girl & It, I will announce 'something' after the production for The Heart of Them. Stay tuned!

eyyy now this is a welcome sight! Good to see it finally out Vik! I enjoyed watching it again, nice one

IamViktorious responds:

Oh, hi Howard, how are you? :D Thank you, means a lot :')

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This challenged me to think, and gave me immense satisfaction. Nice style and pacing too. Great job!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you found it challenging :)

this game is delicious

you have made up for the simple graphics with cunning and addictive game play. I dont usually play many flash games on newgrounds. But when i started playing this i could not stop! congrats

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wow I love this! It kinda reminds me of something Blackmill would make. It's inspiring me to make a new beat. Time to check out all of your other tracks!

btw, would I be able to feature this in a youtube video? I would link back to your music of course

this podcast is a godsend

rubberonion responds:

glad you like it, thanks for the comment! you can check out more on my website rubberonion.com! (=

Hey man I was so busy with stuff I forgot to comment on this! Thanks so much for the fresh bars! You have definitely improved since the last one and I love how you approached the flow. Hopefully I will find some more time to finish the beat and make some more beats. Thanks again!

Acoustatic responds:

It's all good man, just happy that you ended up seeing it! I've definitely been taking rapping and producing a lot more seriously since the last track, and i'm looking forward to the next lil colab whenever you have time to put together some more fresh ass beats. Looking forward to some even bigger, even better sounds as time goes on.

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really nice design!


really cool style and colours :)

Animation producer/ director

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