Losing NATA and other ramblings

2015-07-29 14:04:05 by HowardWimshurst

It's time for another update and ramble!

I was very close to getting into the Pro round of NATA with my Submission. My opponent (Amazingspin) gave a really solid entry and we ended up drawing on points.

My submission was unfinished because I only had 2 weeks to make it. I spent the other week on a holiday with my family.

Honestly if I had gone through to the next round I would have dropped out anyway. The last two rounds have been exhausting, and commission requests have been mounting up and I was foolishly turning down money to be in this tournament which is really only designed for high-schoolers in education who don't need to spend their summer making bank. I've got nothing against that, I'm just saying that I no longer fall into that group of people unfortunately.

I'm going to add colour and finish the un-finished parts of my latest NATA entry before uploading it to NG because I know how rediculously pedantic some of you are about animations being finished.

Although I might be able to enter NATA next year as I will actually be in full-time education at Portsmouth University. "Why would you go from freelancing full time as an animator to being a poor uni student with no money?" you might ask. Because I want to! I'm not going to miss out on the experience of taking an animation degree, even though I don't think I need it. Hopefully I will sail my way through the degree course whilst also building up my Animator Guild audience

By the way, I also cut together a new showreel- with the addition of my latest NATA entries. I quite like how it turned out. Although maybe I could have found better music. I think my showreel demonstrates my movement away from character animation with dialogue and into body language, story-telling and aesthetic movement.




In other news, Animator Guilld remains in on-going development. Entering NATA gave me a chance to mass-produce tutorial footage at the same time as animating my entries (this was the other big reason I joined NATA). Now i'm in the process of editing them down and adding commentary to some of them. This is by far the longest and most tedious part of the process. But they are coming out steadily, hopefully once every week from now on.

I recently got to talk to Bepleron Skype. Bepler is an animator who I greatly admire and get inspiration from. We are thinking of joining forces on AnimatorGuild to produce more content together. I'm very excited for that as I find his tutorials to be the best out there for flash animation. He is truly remarkable.

I'm doing a lot of updates to both my commissions website and also  Animator Guild. When they are done I expect to have a lot more commissions coming through, in both animations, graphic design and also in private tuition for beginner animators. I predict that these new customers will be too much for me to handle by myself, as I'm only one guy and right now a single commission can last for months at a time. I'm looking into setting up a network of artists who I can outsource or refer new commissions to. I think by now anyone who was reading this has since clicked off the page, so this is more like a personal journal. But this is the part that i'm most excited about. I want to scale up the size of my one-man business into a larger-scale team of people and it will empower all of the artists and technicians who are a part of it. And the best part about it is I will be on top MWHAHAHAHA. It won't take a day, or a month, or even a year. But I will keep working and I WILL be successful in this barron wasteland of an animation industry!



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2015-07-29 14:35:59

Wow dude, I hadn't even seen Surviving The Fall until now, although I'm still amazed with how much you've improved since I started working with you on Project Epsilon. By the way sorry that kickstarter didn't work out, I tried to push it but like I said I don't have a large reach hah.

Anyway amigo I'm really looking forward to anything that comes out with your name on it.

HowardWimshurst responds:

Hey thanks man. That Kickstarter feels like ancient history to me now haha. Although you and Chongo and Kai Strozki are still my go-to VAs. I'm on a new project right now, with a similar anime structure. I gave the director your name so he might get in touch with you.
I'm also still in touch with Andrew, the director of Project Epsilon. Right now he is stuck in a job and doesn't have a lot of time or money to spend on creative projects.

I really like the work you are doing with Paxilon right now. It's very entertaining!


2015-07-29 14:37:19

Your show reel is looking fucking phenomenal!

HowardWimshurst responds:

thanks man!


2015-07-29 14:37:24

Your show reel is looking fucking phenomenal!


2015-07-29 15:19:30

nice animation but little boring!


2015-07-29 15:23:06



2015-07-29 20:57:23

Dood if I was boss of an animation company, I'd give you a job in a hearbeat. I'll never, ever, ever be as close to this... I feel like shit LoL :P

HowardWimshurst responds:

never say never!


2015-07-29 22:48:43

Nice reel. I'll have to let you know if I wash up in portsmouth later this year. I've been wanting to visit my friend who's been in china for ages and recently moved back to englanddd beer is on u

HowardWimshurst responds:

yes dude hit me up when you're over here!