How my life has changed these past 2 years

2015-02-11 21:56:08 by HowardWimshurst

I got a lovely invite to Pico Day from mr Tom Fulp and he asked me what's new with me. So here's a life update.

So much has happened in the last few years. I passed my A-levels and decided to pursue a career in 2d animation. I spent a year at Farnham university to get a foundation degree in art and design, and I created a couple of short animations (one of which I will be releasing on Newgrounds very soon). 

I have now taken a year out of education to explore online freelancing. Turns out it's very difficult, especially getting off the ground. My client and I launched a Kickstarter for an animated web series which i was going to animate (I had my hopes on spending the year working on this project) but to my dismay it failed to reach the funding goal. i had already committed to a year of work, so I was desperately searching for freelance gigs in animation, illustration or anything I was able to do. It was really tough to get rolling as no one was willing to pay a decent wage and I refused to work for pennies like most artists are tricked into doing. For a while I was frustrated and poor and It looked like i was going to have to work at a reception desk. But after months of hard work and self-promotion I got a few lucky breaks. 

My most recent project has been a fantastic opportunity for me. I am making a music video for an up-and-coming music group called Crosswinds. I've got a feeling that the project is going to lead to a lot more opportunities and I can't wait! It is turning out really well so far but I am under the clock to finish it. I just really want to get this project done and for my client to be thrilled with the result.

I'm going to start my animation degree course in September and I look forward to interacting with humans again. This year has been pretty isolated and i would probably go mad if it wasn't for our little animator community on Skype. I also have plans for starting up my own business as a pet project, but it's a long way off. You can see my early attempts at this here:

Yeah... it's not great. But I think there is potential there for me to make some kind of money from doing what I enjoy, who knows... I'm going to continue building it once this music video is finished.

Oh I almost forgot! Working on this music video has re-sparked my Interest in music production. I've finally seized the day and bought some software and now I make some music tracks as a way to relax. I would really love to collaborate with some artists, particularly rappers and singers, so if you're interested don't be shy. Contact me!

Here's some samples of things to come. Lots more on their way.



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2015-02-11 22:41:01

dude you basically just described the Gorillaz with that pitch for this project lol, which I'm super into that idea and such (✿◠‿◠) and I am down to help with this in anyway. I don't know necessarily what I could do for you, possibly make album art for the music you release with these characters idk just free balling some stuff at you

HowardWimshurst responds:

I guess it is a little like Gorillaz! apart from the art style which is going to be quite different. Thanks for offering to help! that sounds like a good idea, If you wanted to collaborate on making an album cover I would totally be up for that. My skype is: wimsayy send me a request and we can talk more =]

Thanks again for the support my friend


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2015-04-28 22:29:12

So talented man. Keep up all the good work!