Going mad with speedpaints

2014-10-10 21:04:50 by HowardWimshurst

Hi people,

So this week i've finally got into doing speed paintings. It's something i've wanted to do for so long but up until now, I've been discouraged since everything I would try to paint looked like crap. But now they look... less like crap? AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF TWO METHODS

1) I've taken colour out of the environments entirely and my god, it's helped so much. It makes everything so much easier. Only thing is, I don't know how to properly add colour into a black/white picture so for now, they are staying colourless.

2) I've searched the web for the MOST BADASS COMPOSITION TEMPLATES in the world. I decided these templates should not be kept secret, so I'm making some basic tutorials for using them on my YouTube to come out shortly. And more importantly, I've taken the best ones and made them into a FREE DOWNLOAD zip file. Head over to my site and get creating!

The middle picture took 30 mins, the other two took 1hr each.




I'm saving the best ones for my next post! Stay tuned


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2014-10-11 18:30:53

have you thought about doing an short animation like this? I mean just black and white in grayscale. just like shadows

HowardWimshurst responds:

Haven't thought about that but it might be fun to do. Although I can't use Krita for animation so it would be on flash. The only real reason I don't have colour in these is because I'm not good with colour and it ends up either looking too muddy or too plastiky/ over saturated and also I can't work with values at the same time as colour.


2014-10-11 22:30:39

Might wanna try asking bocadamondo about colors since he's amazing when it comes to coloring and shading


HowardWimshurst responds:

His work looks great, but I wouldn't ask him to work for free. Maybe i'll ask for his advice some time. Thanks for the suggestion!