New Video mini Series

2014-09-10 21:16:21 by HowardWimshurst

Hi again. 84 subscribers and counting! This is great. Lets see if we can get to 100 this month. If you haven't already, SUBSCRIBE HERE

Today, I uploaded the first of a mini collaboration with FrancisYFL. It's basically just us chatting unscripted about animator stuff whilst I animate an action scene. It's pretty chill.

I hope you enjoy it. Also if you would like to see other stuff i've been making you can take a look at my TUMBLR

Apart from that, i've been working on some freelance projects this week.

Oh and I released a new music track preview. Not many people have heard it.



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2014-09-11 19:47:44

conversations with Francis:

"I hate you, and I hate everyone. But mostly just you."

HowardWimshurst responds:

Hehe that's our Francis