A request for viewers

2014-05-10 14:07:14 by HowardWimshurst

If we want better content for Newgrounds, it should start with the viewers. Stop giving game parodies attention.

If you watch a parody and it is the same baloney made by hundreds of other noobs, make sure to rate it down.

Rate up and support original / experimental animations. It means a lot to an animator if they get an encouraging comment on their creation so give positive reinforcement! And share it with others. It will encourage them to keep on creating new ideas instead of wasting their skill on chasing after views.

Maybe if we all try, we can shift the balance back and make this a CREATIVE community.


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2014-05-10 15:30:41

You're pretty much getting it now.


2014-05-11 14:21:29

I think the problem with this line of thought is that if people want to watch shitty parodies, who are we to say those viewers are wrong? People are going to watch what they want to. It's our job to make them want to watch our content, not to say "don't watch theirs."

Tom could throw nothing but original content on the front page, but if some kid is here to click on the latest Pokemon joke he isn't going to watch an original animation, no matter how long it's plastered on the front page.

If you want to see more original content break a million views, it's going to take more than having people not watch parodies. Original content, simply put, needs to get better or make itself more appealing to a general audience.