what Im up to

2012-07-18 20:41:40 by HowardWimshurst

I thought a few friends out there might be wondering what im animating right now.

The biggest thing Ive got going is the collaboration project on an animated web series with director Andrew Rabon. Exiting!!!

Also at school I am taking A2 Applied ICT and conveniently the Unit is based entirely on multimedia. So I am finding it fairly comfortable. I made a practice animation aimed at young kids all about healthy eating. It was boring.

But now that I am passed the practice stage I am aiming at a different target audience entirely. It's all about daemons and hunters and blood and curses and all sorts of cool things. When Im done I will be posting it on newgrounds too. It's interactive with sections of writing and voice acting and cut scenes and puzzle like things and of corse long chains of raw fast paced violent action. Because I can.

Also I have made friends with big bunch of upcoming animators like myself and they are great fun. It makes a change from animating on my own in isolation.
Thats all for now


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