The Top 3 Most Useless Video Comments

2012-07-02 14:37:40 by HowardWimshurst

In my opinion these comments on animations are quite annoying and useless. So dont post them if you can help it.

-----You should make this into a series

-----Im rating this down because it should have been longer

-----This reminds me of Naruto

Tell me what you think?


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2012-07-02 14:45:54

Eh, while it's overused, "You should make this into a series," would actually be kinda helpful in my opinion. I mean, unless it's some 30 second movie, series are a good way to get fans.

HowardWimshurst responds:

I guess your right. I just find it anoying when people say it about something that is obviously not series material. Like i saw it a few times in the comments of "Lucky day forever". How could that be made into a series? It was a feature film with 16 minutes runtime and a closed conclusion and took over a year and a half to make(cant remember exactly how long).


2012-07-03 02:23:32

Haha, yeah. I guess your right there. But yeah, any comedy sketch could practically have the same characters built into it be in a series unless there's a conclusion that can't be fixed.


2012-07-14 22:02:31

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HowardWimshurst responds:

I dont really play anymore. Plus i dont like the look of the new rework so i may not be back. For a long time.