oh my god i got daily feature!!!!

2011-07-14 02:50:05 by HowardWimshurst

wow this is an unexpected honour. Thanks everyone that supported me, especially Jomillex and TomStheVoice. This has inspired me to make more videos.

oh my god i got daily feature!!!!


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2011-07-14 12:30:54

Congrats! Good 'ol Terabiter, or Howard :D... How have you been sir, just got back from camp :3. Now, I want you to go to my page, and tell me what I have become obsessed with.

HowardWimshurst responds:

Ah. you have been infected by the my-little-ponie epidemic have you? welcome back!


2011-07-14 14:54:02

:) no problem!


2011-07-14 16:11:36

Your response to my review was a bit odd.. It wasn't about hating. I tried giving you feedback on ways to improve. What's the point in learning to animate, if you don't even want to improve on it?

(Updated ) HowardWimshurst responds:

i wasnt referring to you as the hater i was talking about danz or what ever his name is. I responded to him by saying i dont care what he thinks. You took that as being big headed.
i always take comments into consideration when making my videos, but im always affected a lot more by the artists who have more skill, knowledge and experience as they actually know what they are talking about.

you have some nerve even talking to me after claiming i had stolen music and stuff.


2011-07-14 17:44:06

I'm pretty sure you earned it :)


2011-07-15 13:20:29

I have nerve even if you'd be a 1000 feet taller than me and even if you were the best artist in the world. It's the freedom of speech I believe in, not whom I talk to.

So by that your saying that no artist, not even me, pointed out things that could help you out? Suit yourself, but if you believe their opinion of your works is better than other people, then you've clearly gone over your head. It's just a human being, even if he has 3 million views on youtube or newgrounds.

I never claimed you stole you music. I said we didn't need your kind of music in our animation, why would we need electro/house music in a movie that has nothing whatsoever to do with it? Secondly, I believe an artist should make stuff from the ground and up. That is, create the beats/kicks/drops/wobbles on his own. Not using premade samples and puzzling them together. To me, that sounds like a 2 mans job, and not a one mans job, since that artist wouldn't have done all the work on his own.

Good luck, and lay off the hierarchism saying that one man can't deem your work unless he's a "professional artist". For your own sake, it won't get you any further at all. Not in style, or in this popularity contest of winning daily firsts either. Good luck, congratulations on your daily feature aswell.

(Updated ) HowardWimshurst responds:

Shut the fuck up you sad emo. Im banning you from my page because ive had enough of your shit.
every artist involved in your favourite audio section uses premade audio.

for once in your life, sit the fuck down and dont answer back


2011-07-15 16:59:27

Lol Nice rant.